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<h1>Electronic Glass Butt-Glazed Walls</h1>

Produced in the U.S. to your precise specifications eGlass is custom produced in the U.S. to your precise sizes and specs to fit into most commercial framing and state-of-the-art partition systems. Our heat-laminated electronic glass panels are available in 5/16", 7/16", and 9/16" thick and are constructed with tempered glass, tinted glass, or as insulated glass units. Switchable LC Privacy Glass may be specified with polished edges, allowing them to be butt-glazed to adjacent panels for a clean and frameless look. All wires exit one edge, and are easily routed to standard electrical boxes. This corporate boardroom project consisted of 18 large electronic glass butt-glazed panels and 2 sets of frameless, all glass doors. Since the installation of this LC Privacy Glass only required one wire for each panel to operate, office employees were still able to work while the glass was being installed. Private Investment / Securities Firm

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