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Innovative Glass - Producers of eGlass - Smart Switchable Privacy Glass Manufacturer
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<h1>Privacy Glass Conference Room</h1>

Switchable Privacy Glass Conference Rooms Innovative Glass can offer all-inclusive switchable Privacy Glass Conference Room Systems, complete with frameless glass doors, mounting rails & floor closers. Our switchable privacy all glass doors feature sturdy, through-bolt mounted hardware and handles, while our exclusive "Electrified Pivot Hinge" simplifies installation & conceals all wires. All electronic glass panels were mounted in Faram Partition Systems. Dynamic eGlass can also be provided with all supporting electronics and controls to ensure steady, reliable operation, and is easily interfaced with Lutron & Crestron systems for complete operational integration with lights, projectors & audio-video systems. Private Real Estate Investment Company - Midtown, Manhattan - NY Partition Supplier & Installer - FARAM General Contractor - TriStar Construction

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