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<h1>Retrofit Privacy Glass Solution</h1>

Retrofit privacy glass solution This high-profile TriBeCa resident had a problem that many New Yorkers face — neighbors facing into their apartments. To eliminate this lack of privacy, electronic LC Privacy Glass replaced his sloped glazing. Here, blinds were not an option due to this hard-to-shade and hard-to-reach area. Switchable LC Privacy Glass, while blocking visibility into the apartment, still allows daylight to enter and helps reduce sun glare. Due to the fact that most apartment buildings do not allow residents to replace exterior glass in order to maintain uniformity, Innovative Glass was able to give the client a retrofit privacy glass solution. Retrofit Privacy Glass panels were created in exact sizes of the windows and placed on the inside of the apartment. If the client were ever to move, they would be able to remove the panels and take them with them, leaving no sign or harm to the original glass. Designer - Mutuus Designs

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