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<h1>Steve Abadi, Visionary Behind eGlass</h1>

eGlass products offer dynamic glass solutions With over 30 years in the smart glass industry, Steve has stood on the forefront of this growing industry. As a 17 year old self-taught engineer with a background in electronics, this entrepreneur started his first company, Steremote - introducing the first multi-room stereo system. His custom built remote control panels allowed music to be controlled and enjoyed in any room throughout a house. After winning an award for Steremote at the Consumer Electronics Show , Steve’s love for home automation only grew, and the idea of controllable glass was born. After years of R&D, trial and error, as well as determination, together with Allied Signal — his first switchable glass product known as LC Privacy Glass was ready to be offered to the world. Today, the eGlass product line has grown to offer dynamic glass solutions for, not only privacy but light control , heat control, UV Protection, and security. Today also happens to be Steve’s Birthday. We wish him a happy & healthy year where ALL his dreams continue to come true. Thanks for being such an inspiration to all the people you meet and a great leader to your team at Innovative Glass.

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