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<h1>Switchable Privacy Glass Doors</h1>

LC Privacy Glass will enhance the look and feel of any room without detracting from the decor of the room itself. Windows glazed with our patented state-of-the-art LC Privacy Glass products give homeowners the ability to instantly change the state of their glass from transparent to private at the touch of a button, with a mobile device, or with voice commands. In this application, the homeowners used LC Privacy Glass in decorative Simpson Doors. The switchable privacy glass doors remain in the private state until the homeowner chooses to make his glass clear, allowing full vision in and out of the front entrance way. Even when the panels are private, diffused light is still able to pass through the switchable glass. All eGlass products can be custom built in a wide range of sizes, styles and configurations, using quality frames from all industry leaders. Doors Framed with SDL by Simpson Doors

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