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FAQ - Questions and Answers about eGlass - Privacy Glass


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I control my LC Privacy Glass?
    LC Privacy Glass is user-controlled with the use of a simple wall switch, mobile device, or with voice commands using Alexa or Google Home. When switched ON, glass is Transparent — when switched OFF, glass is Private.
  • Is LC Privacy Glass transparent with the power ON or OFF? Can it be reversed?
    The glass is transparent when the power is ON. The operation cannot be reversed.
  • Is LC Privacy Glass as clear as regular glass?
    In its transparent state, switchable smart glass never reaches 100% clarity. There is always a certain amount of “haze” or cloudiness when in the “On” state. This varies by manufacturer, manufacturing processes and materials, and can be minimized by the lighting conditions and environment it is viewed in. (See document below "How to Minimize and Control Haze") Samples of our LC Privacy Glass are readily available and should be reviewed prior to purchase.
  • Does LC Privacy Glass come in shapes or curved configurations?
    LC Privacy Glass is available in most shapes and can be made using curved or bent glass.
  • What is the maximum glass size?
    Our maximum standard offering is 72” x 168”. For larger sizes, please contact us.
  • Is the LC Privacy Glass technology available as a film without the glass?
    Yes, our switchable technology is also available as a self-adhesive retrofit film which can be applied to existing glass.
  • Can I put LC Privacy Film on my existing windows?
    Yes, LC Privacy Film is a retrofit film that is installed on existing glass. There is no need for glass replacement.
  • Does LC Privacy Glass block UV rays?
    Yes, it blocks 99% of damaging UV rays.
  • Does Innovative Glass perform the installations?
    In most cases, installation can be provided for LC Privacy FILM. However, we do not install LC Privacy GLASS and installation should be done by a qualified glazier.
  • Can LC Privacy Glass be installed in a frameless butt-jointed application?
    Yes. This is a very common application for LC Privacy Glass.
  • Are LC Privacy Glass and LC Privacy Film energy efficient?
    Yes, the electric consumption is less than 0.5 Watt/sq. ft.
  • What is the operational voltage?
    LC Privacy Glass operates using 65 VAC which is provided by our step-down transformer.
  • What is the typical lead time?
    Upon receipt of the completed purchase order, signed shop drawings, and deposit payment, lead times will usually run 6-8 weeks. This is a rule of thumb only, and lead time should be verified when order is placed.
  • Does Innovative Glass provide a warranty for both Glass and Film?
    Yes! Please see the following documents:
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