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LC Privacy Film

A Retrofit Privacy Solution

When window replacement is not an option, LC Privacy Film is a retrofit, self-adhesive privacy solution for existing windows*. Our retrofit film uses a proprietary surface-applied adhesive combined with our top quality LC film material, resulting in a switchable product that delivers greater functionality.

LC PRIVACY FILM vs. LC PRIVACY GLASS Just like our laminated LC Privacy Glass, LC Privacy Film eliminates the need for window treatments, and gives you the ability to control your privacy, instantly switching from a transparent to a private state — at the flip of a switch, by mobile device, or with hands-free voice commands. Installation is included with your purchase! *Must be professionally installed to validate warranty.


Key Features

  • A cost-effective alternative to full glass replacement

  • Instantly switches for total privacy at the flip of a switch, by mobile device, or voice commands

  • Blocks 99% of harmful UV rays

  • Allows natural light to pass through, even when private

  • No need for curtains and window treatments

  • Design flexibility, comfort, security, and energy-efficiency

  • Pre-wired, pre-cut pieces in custom sizes, shapes, cut-outs

  • For Commercial and Residential applications

  • Dealer opportunities available – contact us to learn more

PLUS, WE INSTALL! We have a large network of professional installers in most areas around the country, and — installation is included in the price! Call for details.

Applications Include

• Commercial, Residential, and Healthcare applications • Glass walls and partitions • Office windows and doors • Home entrances • Skylights and sloped windows • Retail window displays • And much more

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