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eglass partitions - residential and commercial

LC Privacy Glass is extremely versatile, with applications ranging from Conference Rooms, Board Rooms and Hospitals — to Bedrooms, Kitchens and Bathrooms — to name a few.

Key Features Include:

• Instantly switches from transparent to 100% private via wall switch, mobile device, or voice commands • When powered, panels are transparent, allowing full views – when unpowered, glass is "frosted" for complete privacy while allowing diffused light to pass through • Operates on 65VAC (simple line voltage) • Can be used for Interior and Exterior applications • Blocks 99% of damaging UV rays • Available as a pre-glazed, pre-wired window units, or as pre-cut panels with or without hardware for commercial applications • All glass panels are safety-laminated (5/16” thickness and up) and are available as tempered, or various IGU thicknesses for exterior glazing systems

LC Privacy Glass Technology - Before and After

Our Patented Power Transfer System


Our patented PowerTrack™, available only at Innovative Glass, has unique ability to transform traditional doors into "SMART" sliding, break-away, and telescopic door systems. It adds switchable glass functionality to doors and windows, allowing them to maneuver easily — with no visible wires! 

All of our PowerTrack door and window systems are hand crafted and built to your specifications. It’s a great space-saver, fits almost any aesthetic, and its clean, sophisticated look provides endless design options for businesses, healthcare facilities, and private residences.

Rear Projection Displays & Presentations


From Conference Rooms and Board Rooms — to Arts, Entertainment, and Retail displays — LC Privacy Glass provides an experience that grabs the attention of your audience and keeps them engaged.

With its multi-functional capabilities, LC Privacy Glass walls and doors are an ideal surface for large-scale  presentations that can perform as a high-definition video rear projection screen. It easily interfaces with Lutron, Crestron, and other control systems for complete operational integration with lights, projectors, and audio-video systems. 


Additionally, when frosted, LC Privacy Glass becomes a very effective whiteboard surface.

Custom Shapes & Sizes


Switchable LC Privacy Glass can be customized for extraordinary architectural designs. Glass can be curved, bent, arched — and manufactured for nearly any custom shape or size. 

Custom walls, doors, and windows are hand crafted and built to your specifications. Applications for this specialized glass include Corporate Offices and  Conference Rooms, Healthcare Facilities, and Private Residences. Contact us to learn more.

LC Privacy Glass

Smart Switchable Technology

Switchable LC Privacy Glass is electrically-activated tempered glass built with our PDLC / eGlass technology. It provides significant benefits for today's Commercial, Residential, and Healthcare architectural design needs, achieving a versatile, high-tech, and stylish solution for Architects, Designers, Glaziers, Contractors, Business Owners and Homeowners. 

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