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Innovative Glass - Producers of eGlass - Smart Switchable Privacy Glass Manufacturer
Airport terminal featuring large privacy glass partition - From Innovative Glass
Airport Terminal glass partition wall with LC Privacy Glass turned on.
eglass partitions - residential and commercial

Industries We  Serve

Since 2003, we've worked on projects of all sizes for nearly every industry — from Residential and Retail to Healthcare and Fortune 500 Corporations. Our customers come from all across the building and construction industries, as well as business and property owners, and residential homeowners looking to maximize square footage and upgrade their environment with state-of-the-art versatility, comfort, safety, and style.

smart privacy glass for residential spaces - modern home technology



Enhance your home and lifestyle with smart, dynamic windows, doors and skylights that provide a better approach to privacy without blocking exterior views with expensive and high-maintenance window treatments. LC Privacy Glass opens up endless custom design possibilities, even for odd shaped, hard-to-reach, and over-sized glass areas.

From bathroom windows, shower enclosures, glass doors and entranceways — to room dividers and wall systems — our products will provide the functionality, beauty, and versatility you're looking for. Our glass can be seamlessly incorporated into any home A/V system, regardless of the complexity. It operates using a simple wall switch, smartphone, or tablet — or your voice-controlled Alexa or Google Home. We work with industry leaders such as Andersen, Marvin, Pella, Therma-Tru, Fleetwood, and more. Our LC Privacy Glass is available as fully-framed and pre-wired windows, doors or skylights, or as a glass-only option.

Privacy Glass solutions for the healthcare industry



Discover why LC Privacy Glass has been installed at so many of the nation’s leading medical centers.

Hospitals and healthcare facilities today are challenged to meet two vital goals: Improving healthcare outcomes and upholding patient satisfaction. As hospital staff well know, fabric curtains provide little privacy or protection because they are not soundproof and collect germs that result in cross-contamination and hospital acquired infections (HAIs).

Exterior window treatments, such as blinds and shades, attract dust and contagions as well. This can compromise patient and staff health, and put service reimbursements and hospital revenue at risk. Our eGlass® products offer game-changing advantages. Windows, doors, walls, and partitions provide complete visual and enhanced audible privacy, as well as extreme infection control, while creating more comfortable healing environments that generate high patient ratings. Here are some key features: • Operated via wall switch, remote control, or hands-free using motion sensors or voice commands • Easily sanitized and maintained providing extreme infection protection • Used in windows, walls, doors, and partitions in patient rooms, treatment, and surgical areas • Creates a light-filled healing environment free of places for germs to accumulate • Incorporates larger expanses of glass into hospitals without compromising design • Blocks out stressors and distractions while maintaining patient privacy and dignity • Retrofits walls and entryways in ICUs, ERs, & ORs • Easily configures to sliding, telescopic, and breakaway doors with our patented PowerTrack • It is virtually soundproof because of its lamination • It can be tempered for near-indestructibility if needed



Education today is being redefined by the advent of the smart classroom. Smart LC Privacy Glass and Film technology is being leveraged in sophisticated ways to increase student engagement, boost focus and attention, increase comfort and security, and bring the learning experience to a higher level.

Glass walls, doors, and windows can be transformed into whiteboards or impressive presentation screens on demand. LC Privacy Glass will repurpose common areas into instant classrooms or ad-hoc meeting or presentation spaces, always providing user-controlled on-demand privacy. Innovative Glass has installations at such prestigeous schools as Harvard, Northwestern, MIT and others, providing many strategic benefits.

Switchable eglass smart privacy technology for educational institutions
Privacy glass for commercial office spaces



Modern open concept commercial spaces often lack privacy. They can provide open views and daylight, but can also create harsh glare, which is challenging and uncomfortable for employees and customers. Shades, curtains and blinds detract from clean, modern décor, and require constant adjusting and maintenance.

Our switchable privacy glass products are the perfect solution.​ Transparent glass becomes instantly opaque at the flip of a switch, with a mobile device, or voice commands, for instant privacy whenever needed. Architects, business and property owners looking to maximize square footage and upgrade office spaces get a higher level of functionality, comfort, and style that also gets them rave reviews.

Smart privacy glass for hospitality, hotels, motels, bars, restaurants and more



Today’s hotels and hospitality organizations are always looking for ways to increase guest satisfaction survey scores (GSS). Expanding utilization of existing square footage for greater revenue generation and return on investment are also top priorities.

Deploying switchable LC Privacy Glass solutions, powered exclusively with eGlass® brand technology, provides multiple benefits to the Hospitality industry. • Bring guest room windows into the digital age • Allow for natural light and open views, or instant user-controlled privacy via wall switch, mobile device, or voice command • Eliminate solid walls so rooms appear larger and brighter • Eliminate the need for expensive, view-blocking, high-maintenance blinds or curtains ​It’s no wonder blue-chip properties such as The W Hotel in Boston use LC Privacy Glass to reclaim space, provide a more luxurious environment, increase value, and greatly enhance guest experiences.



For government agencies and at military locations, the breach of classified information and resources can have national security implications. Privacy and confidentiality operate at higher premiums. That’s why LC Privacy Glass and other eGlass products are used in high security, top secret facilities and Network Control Centers, including at the White House and throughout the world.

We at Innovative Glass are honored to say that our products are proudly serving our country. • Control unauthorized visibility on demand in highly sensitive areas • Reduce transmission of sound emission through laminated smart glass • Secure national, defense and counterterrorism locations and installations • Adhere to stringent energy-performance mandates Whether protecting sites, resources, and workspaces at the NSA, The National Guard, Fort Bragg, or Fort Knox, our smart, switchable, privacy glass solutions are increasingly and dependably called to duty.

LC Privacy Glass provides privacy and security for government agencies.



Utilized in various artistic and theatrical installations around the country, LC Privacy Glass  has been implemented in creative ways throughout the field of arts and entertainment. Additionally, our glass has been used as part of live or automated interactive shows, or to maximize the impact of museum exhibits in such places as The Brooklyn Museum in New York, The Denver Museum in Colorado, and in Epcot® Center in Walt Disney World®.​​

With our ability to customize and innovate, we can provide the Arts & Entertainment industry with highly creative solutions. • Direct attention, add interest, and enhance viewer experiences on demand • Transform various environments with switchable smart glass • Safeguard valuable artwork

Smart switchable glass for art galleries, events, expositions, displays and more



Why do so many of the world’s Fortune 500 companies choose Innovative Glass for smart glass technology? Simple. The environments we create help protect trade secrets without hampering the open collaboration necessary to produce and excel in their fields. Here are some key features:

Provides ongoing protection of Intellectual Property (IP) and R&D • Controls the reveal, release and rollout of new products and brands • Protects exposure to prototypes and technologies during New Product Introductions (NPIs) • Reduces exposure, while making facility tours more dramatic Spaces created with switchable LC Privacy Glass go from transparent to opaque on demand, and are tailor-made for industrial applications. This is why companies such as IBM, Apple, GE, Pratt & Whitney, Caterpillar, Boeing and others have chosen Innovative Glass technologies.

Industrial applications for smart privacy glass - eglass technology
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