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Innovative Glass - Producers of eGlass - Smart Switchable Privacy Glass Manufacturer
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The year is 1979... with dreams of a technology for innovating glass that was far ahead of its time, and armed with the invaluable experience of his first company, Cynergy Electronics — creators of Steremote (winner of the Consumer Electronics Award, 1979) — Steve Abadi set out to revolutionize glass by infusing it with liquid crystal. It was a bold move that reflects the daring of a young entrepreneur at the time, who in his twenties, was featured in such publications as Billboard and Playboy for his forward-thinking ideas.


After collaborating closely with Allied Signal and its original liquid crystal technology, Steve came to market with his own Dynamic Glazing product in 1984 — “LC Glass,” short for Liquid Crystal. While the attention he drew was significant, his pioneering breakthrough had been introduced to a market that could not technically support its innovation. Steve felt compelled to put LC Glass, and his bold dreams, on hold — temporarily.


Although it would take the industry 20 years to catch up to Steve’s imagination, he seized the moment in 2003 to reintroduce his innovation by founding the aptly named Innovative Glass Corp.

Since 2003, Innovative Glass Corp has devoted substantial research, development, engineering and manufacturing resources to completely redefine the properties of glass. We integrate glass with electronics and other Dynamic Glazing technologies, creating a family of "Smart" dynamic products that control functions such as light, privacy, sun glare and heat gain — automatically, at the touch of a button, or by voice command.


Innovative Glass designs and installs the world’s most sophisticated and immersive hands-on smart glass showroom at its corporate headquarters in Plainview, NY — bringing Architects, Contractors, Glaziers, and Consumers worldwide in direct contact with the revolution of eGlass and its Dynamic Glazing technologies. For a virtual tour, Click Here.

Steve Abadi, Founder & CEO, Innovative Glass Corp

Steve Abadi

Founder & CEO

2023 - Today

2023 is the year we celebrated our 20th Anniversary. Today, Innovative Glass is considered the world’s premier supplier of Switchable LC Privacy Glass with installations all across the U.S. We have evolved into a full-service, one-stop, diversified resource for smart glass solutions for windows, doors, partition systems, skylights, and more. Our clients range from individual homeowners to some of the country's most prestigious Fortune 500 companies. For a list of some of the clients we've served, Click Here.

Innovative Glass Corp 20 Year Anniversary Logo

Our History

1979  /  1984  /  2003  /  2016  /  2023 - Today

Innovative Glass Corp, celebrating 20 years

From mid 2023 - 2024, Innovative Glass Corp will be  celebrating its 20th Anniversary. A lot has happened over those 20 years that has brought us to where we are today. But for Founder & CEO Steve Abadi, the story really begins in 1979. Continue reading for a brief history.

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