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Innovative Glass - Producers of eGlass - Smart Switchable Privacy Glass Manufacturer

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Conference Rooms, Offices, and More

Can open work spaces provide complete privacy for meetings and teleconferencing — or simply eliminate unwanted distractions?

Choose LC Privacy Glass — The perfect privacy solution for today's open concept Conference Rooms, Board Rooms, Corporate Offices, and more!

Demountable Partitions

If you're a Demountable Partition Provider looking for quality products that combine design aesthetics with state-of-the-art functionality, you've come to the right place. Our partitions and wall systems will work harder and smarter for your customers.


LC Privacy Glass

Commercial Applications

Privacy On Demand

Why do so many Fortune 500 companies choose Innovative Glass? The simple answer is that our switchable privacy glass helps create spaces that are bright, open, and promote productivity, while also providing visual, and a high level of audible privacy when needed. LC Privacy Glass is tailor-made for today's modern glass-enclosed workspaces, conference rooms, and executive offices, with its ability to instantly transform from transparent to opaque at the flip of a switch, with a mobile device, or with voice commands.

This is why companies such as IBM, Apple, GE, Pratt & Whitney, Caterpillar, Boeing, and so many others, have turned to Innovative Glass, and have embraced our eGlass brand technologies.

We Have  The Solutions You're Looking For

Whatever your design specifications — from glass thickness to custom wiring, sizing, shaping, notching and mounting — we’ve got you covered. Innovative Glass engineers smart wall system solutions that feature electronically switchable LC Privacy Glass, built-to-order to integrate seamlessly into most fixtures and casings. ​PRIVACY Our windows, doors, walls, and partitions deliver game-changing advantages, including complete visual and enhanced audible privacy, as well as extreme infection control, while creating more comfortable healing environments and potentially higher hospital ratings. DOOR OPTIONS Wiring methods can range from simple door loops or electrified hinges to our patented POWERTRACK Power transfer systems for sliding, telescopic, and breakaway doors.

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