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Dynamic Privacy Doors & Sidelites For Healthcare

Updated: Jun 5

Patient Privacy and Flexibility for Nurses and Staff Incorporating dynamic LC Privacy Glass into hospital doors and sidelites not only introduces natural light into the common area creating a more pleasant environment, it provides a significant amount of patient privacy along with the flexibility for nurses and staff to monitor patients without even entering their rooms. Our eGlass brand LC Privacy Glass is user-controlled and allows patients to have their glass switch from transparent to opaque with the touch of a button on their bedside remote control. While using dynamic doors rather than curtains can significantly cut back on bacteria and germ transfer, they can also be easily cleaned by simply wiping them down with a paper towel and ordinary antibacterial spray. Curtains very quickly are contaminated with viruses and germs, and require regular washing and replacing. Our exclusive "Electrified Walking Beam Pivot Hinge" simplifies installation of doors and conceals all wires.

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