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Dynamic Walls of Glass

Updated: Jun 5

A Flexible Floorplan With a Modern Design

For this project, our electronically-switchable LC Privacy Glass was used in multiple areas throughout the office. The Client, Office Links, operates several Shared and Virtual office spaces throughout NYC and Chicago, and needed to be able to provide their tenants the option of instantly switchable privacy for meetings in the Conference Rooms. The goal of the project was to keep a flexible floorplan with a modern design in which the feelings of openness and privacy would co-exist. Each Conference Room features floor-to-ceiling switchable Privacy Glass panels butt-glazed in recessed U-Channels, creating impressive dynamic walls of glass. Our electronic Liquid Crystal Privacy Glass helps natural light to flow freely throughout the space without sacrificing any privacy needs and allows for instant conference room privacy when needed. Office Links - Ave of the Americas, NY Glazing Contractor - S&J Entranceway

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