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<h1>Glass Room Divider</h1>

Sliding Privacy Glass Doors When it comes to city living, every square foot needs to be properly designed to make the most of the space. Here, the client had an extra bedroom off the dining room that was only used on occasion when their children were visiting. The goal of the renovation was to keep an open flow through the apartment with the flexibility to separate areas when desired. Our LC Privacy Glass was used as a room divider with fixed panels and sliding glass doors that could switch from transparent to frosted white for complete privacy when needed. Sliding LC Privacy Glass frameless doors came fully equipped with rails and tracks provided by Innovative Glass, concealing all wires for a clean, sleek look. By using sliding Privacy Glass doors rather than traditional swinging doors, valuable space was saved and the profile of the door remained as compact as possible. Private Apartment - The W Hoboken, New Jersey

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