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LC Privacy Glass Doors for Hospitals

Updated: Jun 3

Privacy Glazing Solution for Patient Rooms

Hospitals are moving towards cleaner, more sophisticated high-tech solutions to help reduce the spread of in-house infections, and provide comfortable environments where patient privacy and dignity can be maintained at all times. Recent studies found that hospital curtains which hang between patient rooms can become quickly contaminated with bacteria and viruses, and may be playing a role in the spread of these germs. Although curtains may not appear dirty, they can harbor pathogens. Switchable LC Privacy Glass replaces the need for traditional fabric curtains with a state-of-the-art, maintenance-free solution, thereby eliminating the environment for germs to accumulate. Switchable LC Privacy Glass can be cleaned like ordinary glass; with a paper towel and antibacterial solution. Innovative Glass has engineered proprietary wiring systems to effectively conceal all the wires in hospital sliding, telescopic break-away doors.

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