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LC Privacy Glass in Lobby & Boardroom - Toyota North America

Updated: Jun 5

In this application, LC Privacy Glass was used in the conference rooms, front entrance doors, lobby and executive offices of Toyota North America. With Switchable Privacy Glass that electronically changes from a Transparent to a Frosted state at the flip of a switch, you have the ability to design a complete office suite without the need to compromise. Our LC Privacy Glass eliminates the need for blinds and curtains and helps provide a clean, professional, productive work environment.

All LC Privacy Glass Panels can be specified with polished edges, allowing them to be butt-glazed to adjacent panels for a clean and frameless look. All wires exit one edge, and are easily routed to standard electrical boxes. Switchable Privacy Glass is custom-produced in the U.S. to your precise sizes and specs to fit into most commercial framing and state-of-the-art demountable partition systems. Our dynamic heat-laminated panels are available in 5/16", 7/16", & 9/16" thicknesses and are constructed with tempered glass, tinted glass, or as insulated glass units. Toyota North America - Manhattan, NY

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