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Switchable Privacy Glass at Memorial Sloan Kettering

Updated: Jun 5

This Dynamic Technology Has Resolved Numerous Concerns LC Privacy Glass has many diverse applications in the Healthcare industry. This dynamic technology has resolved numerous privacy and maintenance concerns, and has been successfully installed in many areas throughout Healthcare facilities around the country. According to Neil Halpern, MD, Chief of Critical Care Medicine at Memorial Sloan-Kettering, "Curtains may get dirty and need to be changed in between patients; however eGlass can be controlled by the nurse, and provides the patient with wonderful privacy at the touch of a button" For this application, switchable LC Privacy Glass, an Innovative Glass eGlass product, was installed in Tormax sliding breakaway doors. This dynamic glass enables the nurses and doctors to centrally monitor the patients, and conduct exams in complete privacy. LC Privacy Glass offers full visual privacy, enhanced audible privacy, and preservation of patient dignity. Memorial Sloan Kettering, New York - Critical Care Designs

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