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Switchable Glass Conference Rooms

Updated: Jun 3

Can be sold as part of a turn-key package or wall system. eGlass brand Switchable LC Privacy Glass is the ideal choice for sophisticated state-of-the-art Executive Board Rooms and Conference Rooms, where openness and privacy can co-exist. With electronic LC Privacy Glass, a flip of a switch provides discreet vision control on demand.

When in the powered state, eGlass panels are transparent, allowing full view and daylight to pass into the central lobby — with no conference room privacy. When unpowered, the glass becomes frosted white and the view is completely obscured, creating privacy for meetings and multi-media presentations, while still allowing light to pass through. Switchable LC Privacy Glass panels are available for new construction, or as a retrofit panel for existing installations. It can also be sold as part of a complete turn-key package or wall system, with all necessary mounting and door hardware. Laminated dynamic glass panels come in 5/16", 7/16" & 9/16" thicknesses, as well as Insulated Glass Units, and up to 10 feet high. Glazing Contractor - Champion Glass & Metal

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