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USGlass Magazine Article - The Glass Connection

Updated: Jun 3

An interview with Steve AbadiExcerpts from the July 2019 issue of USGlass, Metal & Glazing magazine — An interview with Steve Abadi.

...But what if shopping was fun again? Advances in digital media incorporated into glass storefronts and other retail applications, might do just that. Some of these technologies allow retailers to project their messages directly onto the glass; others are even interactive, providing customers with a dynamic shopping experience. Steve Abadi, Chairman and CEO of Innovative Glass Corp. in Plainview, NY, adds that these digital technologies are an effective way for retailers to entice shoppers. His company provides a liquid crystal (LC) privacy glass that transitions from clear to opaque. It can be used in storefront applications for an attention-getting display medium onto which retailers can project images, then have it resort back to its clear state, making it like a temporary billboard. "The LC is a projected surface and they can put whatever content they want on the glass — special videos, rotating images, etc." Abadi adds, " doesn't cost anything more in terms of the glass. You just need a projector."

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