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Wood Framed Switchable Glass Doors

Updated: Jun 3

State-of-the-art Executive Boardrooms

Switchable LC Privacy Glass is the ideal choice for sophisticated state-of-the-art Executive Boardrooms where openness and privacy can coexist. A touch of a button provides instant, discreet visual control - on demand.

In this application, LC Privacy Glass panels and doors are mounted in rich cherry wood framing. All wires were concealed leaving a clean installation. When in the powered state, the wood framed dynamic glass door panels are transparent, allowing full view and daylight to pass into the office area. When unpowered, the glass will become frosted white, and the view will be completely obscured. This creates complete privacy for meetings, while still allowing diffused light from the exterior to pass through. Law Firm - Manhattan, NY Glazing Contractor - S&J Entranceway

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