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Updated: Jun 3

Electrified film switches from Transparent to Frosted

1. LC Privacy Glass Doors from Innovative Glass feature an embedded, electrified film that switches from transparent to frosted at the touch of a button — providing instant privacy on demand while allowing diffused light to pass through in the private state. 2. Studio by 3form comes in 28 finishes and has a planking option, which allows designers to take any standard 4' x 8' panel style and choose from two smaller scale, horizontally cut configurations for design-forward installations. These repeating patterns can be specified in multiples to create striking, large-scale focal walls. 3. Blending aesthetics, performance, and ease of installation, Koral sone wool acoustic ceiling panels from ROCKFON are suited to create modular ceiling designs such as open-plan offices, retail centers, commercial kitchens and baths, long corridors, large classrooms, and convention centers. 4. The TruePerformance Clutch from SWFcontract is an ideal solution for manual solar shades. With a sleek profile, patented clutch technology, and a wide selection of color and size options, TruePerformance Clutch covers a range of commercial projects that calls for both seamless design and superior functionality. 5. From Bentheim, The Channel Glass Wall Systems create expansive glass facades, as well as light-diffusing interior partitions. Customizable up to 23 feet high and limitless in length, these wall systems can include corners, and serpentine walls. 6. The Suspended Ceiling Cloud from Seeyond Architectural Solutions is made of cellular resin and includes programmable remote-controlled lighting. It features a twist tessellation pattern with angulation, and upon installation it served to provide a sense of wayfinding. 7. Gypstone BIG Curve is the industry's only perforated acoustical gypsum panel that can achieve highly curved ceilings without the cost and time associated with custom fabrication. At only 6.5 millimeters thick, this product from CertainTeed can achieve up to five-foot radius broadening the universe of design options available. 8. Sky Factory's SkyCeiling-with its large, self-supporting grillwork-provides an engaging biophilic illusion of sky and transforms enclosed interiors into beautiful, healthier, and more restorative environments. With a minimum recommended height of 9 feet, SkyCeiling is ideal for commercial, corporate, and public spaces.

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