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Instantly Block Out Distractions & Keep Meetings Private

Updated: Jun 3

With the ongoing trend of open concept floor plans, glass-enclosed conference rooms have become second nature. The only downside to a glass room is the lack of privacy, also known as “fishbowl feeling” which most people don’t realize until they’re inside. Innovative Glass has a smart solution to this problem. Our eGlass brand switchable user-controlled LC Privacy Glass allows you to selectively choose when glass is transparent and when glass becomes “frosted” - for complete vision control on demand. With a touch of a button or with voice commands, the glass instantly blocks out exterior distractions and keeps meetings fully private; all while still allowing natural light to pass through. When there is no longer a need for privacy, glass can be switched to its “clear” state. LC Privacy Glass is well suited for conference rooms, private offices, lobbies, curtainwalls and can be easily integrated into most demountable partition systems. Aside from stationary walls, we also have many proprietary wiring solutions to incorporate our glass into all types of doors – including sliders. Since eGlass is custom produced, design options and configurations are endless.

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