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Steve Abadi, Visionary Behind eGlass

Updated: Jun 3

eGlass Products Offer Dynamic Glazing Solutions

With over 30 years in the smart glass industry, Steve has stood on the forefront of this growing industry. As a 17 year old self-taught engineer with a background in electronics, this entrepreneur started his first company, Steremote - introducing the first multi-room stereo system. His custom built remote control panels allowed music to be controlled and enjoyed in any room throughout a house. After winning an award for Steremote at the Consumer Electronics Show, Steve’s love for home automation grew, and the idea of controllable glass was born. After years of R&D, trial and error, as well as determination, together with Allied Signal — his first switchable glass product known as LC Privacy Glass was ready to be offered to the world. Today also happens to be Steve’s Birthday. We wish him a happy & healthy year where ALL his dreams continue to come true. Thanks for being such an inspiration to all the people you meet and a great leader to your team at Innovative Glass.

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