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Switchable Privacy All-Glass Doors

Updated: Jun 5

LC Privacy Glass Frameless Doors and Sidelights For this project, our client had several conference rooms throughout their office space that did not have have exterior windows, resulting in zero natural light. They wanted to add frameless glass doors and sidelights for their openings, but standard glass doors would leave the room completely exposed. It's a typical problem with glass office walls, but LC Privacy Glass was the perfect dynamic glazing solution. Switchable LC Privacy Glass allowed this client to have everything he wanted with no sacrifices. All openings were replaced with LC Privacy Glass frameless doors and sidelights. When the doors are powered, there is clear view into the rooms. When a meeting is in session, the glass doors are powered off and they switch to a frosted white state that blocks all visibility into the room, all while allowing outside diffused light to enter the room. Natural light flowing through the office space elevated the atmosphere by keeping rooms lighter and brighter, and helped reduce the need for overhead, artificial lighting. Our Frameless LC Privacy Glass doors feature sturdy, through-bolt mounted hardware and handles, requiring minimal effort for installation. Glazing Contractor - Admiral Glass

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