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Switchable Room Dividers & Sliding Doors

Updated: Jun 5

Transform Any Open Space Into Private Areas Dynamically switchable LC Privacy Glass has the versatility to turn any open space into a private area. When used as a room divider, it can instantly change from transparent to frosted white with a simple flip of a switch, as seen here separating the meeting room from the reception area. Our electronically switchable Privacy Glass sliding doors not only act as room dividers, but offer a unique and versatile alternative to the standard swinging doors. On this project, a prominent New York City-based Finance company was looking to bring an open feel to the design of their new office space, while still maintaining the option of privacy for meetings with their clients and investors. With a heavy emphasis put on security, our eGlass brand switchable LC Privacy Glass was used as full walls, room dividers, and sliding doors in the Executive Offices and Conference Rooms to provide instant privacy on demand.

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