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Innovative Glass - Producers of eGlass - Smart Switchable Privacy Glass Manufacturer
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Dynamic Morphing Abilities

Updated: Jun 5

LC Privacy Glass for Privacy and Light Diffusion With daylighting more desirable than ever, energy conservation a priority, and privacy is never going out of fashion, Architects and Interior Designers are discovering they have a wide range of new options, thanks to rapid advances in glass technology and glazing.

Depending on the client's needs, different types of switchable glass offer different types of functionality. "LC Privacy Glass is mainly used for privacy and light diffusion," says Steve Abadi, CEO of Innovative Glass Corp. "It gives you the ability to have privacy by switching from frosted white to transparent, and typical applications are Bathroom Windows for residences, Conference Rooms, Hospital Emergency Rooms, Theatrical Applications, and Skylights." Read more... Interior & Sources

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