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Innovative Glass - Producers of eGlass - Smart Switchable Privacy Glass Manufacturer
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<h1>Product Showcase - Windows and Doors</h1>

Article From Window & Door Magazine LC Privacy Glass can be provided as completely glazed and pre-wired units in customized sizes, shapes, and finishes, with wood, aluminum, aluminum clad and 100% vinyl frames. The glass can be selectively and independently controlled within the same window. It has four modes: in Full View, the glass is turned on, allowing full light and vision and is completely clear; Glare Control mode turns the top portion of windows opaque to block out sun glare while preserving the view below; Modesty Mode keeps the bottom portion of windows opaque to maintain privacy, while still allowing sunlight through the top; and Full Privacy turns the glass off and is completely opaque, allowing diffused light from the exterior. In the event of a power failure, the windows will automatically revert to the private state.

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