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What’s Popular for Today’s Bathroom Designs?

In his recent article entitled Ten bathroom design ideas from Dezeen*, Nat Barker highlights the various styles that are often popular for bathroom design. Some of these styles include maximalism, minimalism, full-marble, and even full-concrete. Barker goes over how to make any bathroom your perfect personal sanctuary, showing lookbooks with diverse photos that are all beautiful in their own unique way.

Barker later goes on to say how certain design elements “can be applied to almost any project,” depending on how versatile that element is.

LC Privacy Glass embraces this idea in a big way, as its sleek design and modern functionality could integrate into any bathroom aesthetic. This switchable glass is not only beautiful, but adds a high-tech touch to any room, setting it apart from all other design elements. Whether the glass is used for a shower enclosure, window, door, wall, or skylight, it can add a “wow” factor to any project.

LC Privacy Glass instantly switches between a private and transparent state with the use of a wall switch, smartphone/tablet, or voice commands. In the private (frosted) state, diffused natural light passes through, so privacy is maintained while still having the feel of an open window. The option for open views in a bathroom is such a unique feature that this glass has become so popular for new bathroom builds or renovations.

So, whatever lookbook bathroom design you choose, remember to include a versatile design element that will match any style, as trends and preferences are ever-changing!

*Barker, Nat. “Ten bathroom design ideas from Dezeen.” Dezeen, 22 June 2024,

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